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Other Courses - licence routes from January 19th 2013

 All of our MOD 1 and MOD 2 tests are taken at Taunton test centre.
              We book these tests for you with no admin fee. 
For people that can already ride it is possible to get your bike licence with under three days training including CBT and tests.

Click here to view a video of the DVSA guide to licence routes

A1 – Light Motorcycle Licence Taken on a machine between 120 and 125cc (14.6 bhp) capable of at least 55mph.

A2 – Licence Taken on a machine with at least 395cc with a power output between 33 bhp and 46.6 bhp.

DAS – Direct Access Taken on a machine with a minimum 595cc and with a minimum power output of 67.1 bhp, a minimum kerb weight of 180kg.

Click here to view a DVSA MOD 1 test training video.

Click here to view a DVSA Mod 2 test training video.

All of these tests are split into two modules :-MOD 1 – off road manoeuvring exercises in a controlled environment :-MOD 2 – on road practical riding accompanied by an examiner to demonstrate that you are a competent and safe rider

To obtain a full motorcycle licence you must have completed a CBT, passed your motorcycle theory test and passed both MOD 1 and MOD 2 at your chosen licence level. Your CBT course and theory test must be completed before MOD 1 and MOD 2 can be taken.

One of our most frequently asked questions is 'How long will my training take ?' and 'How much will it cost ?'  Course duration will depend on experience and individual students ability. Most courses, including test days, can vary from three to five days in duration which is why we don't quote a set price for your training. After your first day with us we will have a good idea how many days training you will need in total to pass your tests. Rest assured we will train you as quickly as your ability allows and will not add unneccessary training days. You will get at least 6 hours actual riding time not including breaks for each full days training with us. To ensure rider safety and comfort our DAS and A2 bikes have ABS as standard and a lower or higher seat option if needed.
Motorcross Riders - it's possible to get all your training and tests done in two and a half days !

Why should I take my A1 licence at 17 ?

1. Rider safety 

2. A1 licence never needs to be renewed

3. Rider satisfaction and enjoyment

4.  No L-plates and you can carry a pillion

5.  May reduce your insurance cost

You may think it's too expensive BUT
did you know the cost of the A1 test, theory, MOD 1 and MOD 2 is around the same cost as retaking your CBT and you can save at least one days tuition fees by presenting yourself at the test centre without the need for an instructor to accompany you. We do the training, you take the test when it suits you. Call us for details.

After passing your test we can give you further training on motorway riding and carrying a pillion.


Customers are reminded that they must wear suitable footwear and strong jeans or trousers. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of your course.
Please be aware that motorcycling can be a dangerous activity and you must accept the risks asscociated with this. 

Please note, we reserve the right to terminate your training if we believe you are putting yourself and others at risk of injury. Your safety is our primary concern. We will only charge you for the training you have received.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and a no obligation chat regarding any of our courses up to 8.30 pm any evening.

Mobile  07725838393     Landline 01458 272758
Or e-mail us at

DVSA Approved Motorcycle Training Body (ATB)

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